TK Harness & Wire LLC Advantages   
Custom Interconnect Cables
Molded and Potted Connectors
Custom and High-Flex Wire and Cable
All Connector Brands Used
Prototype or Production Quantities
Competitive Pricing

Cable Assemblies

TK Harness & Wire LLC manufactures a wide range of cable harnesses, IDC ribbon cable assemblies and overmolded cable assemblies to customer specifications.

Key Benefits

Turnkey Manufacturing - We will manufacture, stock and drop ship your item.

Panel Building - Our harnessing expertise makes us the best choice to build 
your control box or panel.

Custom Processes and Testing - We assure quality is built into every product.

All products are built to your specifications.  We are UL/CSA listed and ISO9001/2000 certified.
TK Harness & Wire LLC has leading designers and manufacturers of standard and custom 
connectors and cable assemblies.

TK Harness & Wire LLC

Wiring  Harnesses

Custom Wire Harnesses built to your specifications

TK Harness & Wire LLC Advantage

Fully Automated Lead Making
Flexible Work Cells Assure Efficiency
All Connector Brands Used
Prototype and Production Quantities
Complete Testing of Every Harness

Electro-Mechanical Assembly

​TK Harness & Wire LLC's electro-mechanical assembly services range from assembly line services to procuring and manufacturing all components and subassemblies, integration with your product and providing you with a turn-key assembly. Using our services reduces your company’s capital expenditure needs and overhead, allowing you to focus on new product development and sales growth. 

TK Harness & Wire LLC has the know-how, the facilities, and most importantly, the highly skilled personnel to provide all of the following services at a competitive price and on time.